Thank You!

I am so honored and so humbled by your support. Words cannot express how grateful I am for every yard sign posted and every kind word that many of you took time to share with me along the way.

When I decided to run last year, it was clear that we were powered by sheer will. Rain or shine, we tirelessly walked door to door, delivering our message to over 100,000 Washtenaw families. Our hard work paid off. Our community voted to bring the joint expertise of clinical social work and law to the family court. You voted for court services that support and rehabilitate. You voted for meaningful tools that truly empower people, that give them the ability to work through crises and move forward.


While I am pleased and excited by the election results, this is just the beginning. As I said during the campaign, we must interrupt systems that repeatedly fail our community. I am committed to increasing access to justice in the family court and throughout the courthouse. And I will work for visible and effective results.

Running this race has been the honor of a lifetime. For those who supported this campaign—monetarily, with your time, or with your vote—this is your moment! You made this happen. From the phone calls, to the door-hangers, to the poll-greeting and more, I am grateful to every person who gave their time and effort to this race. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


I look forward to serving as your judge for many years to come.

Tracy Van den Bergh

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