Tracy’s Vision for our Courts

Approaching the Court as both a lawyer and a social worker, Tracy has concrete plans to address equity concerns head-on and to improve social, racial, and economic justice with visible results. While most focus on improving the family court, others will have a wider impact. Her plans include:


  • In coordination with Chief Justice Carol Kuhnke, establishing a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment court, designed to address underlying issues and reduce recidivism;

  • Establish child support specialty court services designed to provide immediate employment support, reduce support arrears, and help stabilize families;

  • Introduction and supervision of social work interns to provide treatment court services to those in need of additional support;

  • Providing trauma-informed court services to ensure that children and survivors of domestic violence and trauma have fair and safe access to justice;

  • Providing bias awareness trainings to courtroom staff, and advocating for oversight, regular evaluations, and transparency of all dockets to stop systemic discrimination. 

"We must interrupt systems that repeatedly fail our community. As a social worker, I treated youth and adults who were entangled in our justice system. I saw the difference between programs designed to institutionalize and those designed to support and rehabilitate. We must nurture systems that do the latter. We must treat kids like kids, and, where possible, offer people meaningful tools to empower them to move forward."   -Tracy Van den Bergh

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